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Bronnie, 5, with father, Anthony



March 2007


Bronnie lives in Wales, United Kingdom (UK) near the capital city of Cardiff with her parents Lynn and Anthony.   Her grandfather, Alun, first contacted us about three years ago (2004) when Bronnie was just two years old and MSS was suspected.


A lot has happened since that time.  Bronnie developed cataracts in both eyes at three years of age, underwent two cataract surgeries, and currently sees well with IOLs and glasses.  She is now five years old and attends a mainstream primary school with the help of a classroom assistant.  Bronnie is very happy, has a wonderful imagination, knows her letters, and loves books and telling stories. She is below average height for her age.


Lynn and Anthony’s current priorities are potty training and improving mobility.   Bronnie has a walker and wears leg splints at school and for exercises at home.  However, she is not highly motivated to be mobile.  Her physiotherapy and speech/language services have been sporadic – a pitfall of the UK National Health Service.  The family would appreciate some good ideas for getting Bronnie moving!